"Diane is a teacher who elicits complex acting choices out of simple, clear notes. The exercises she uses always get to the heart of the matter, paving the way for her students to do their best work. Her class is as enjoyable as it is enriching and even life-changing. I count myself very lucky to have had Diane as a coach!"

Rachel Towne

BFA in Acting, Syracuse University

"It has been my great pleasure over the past twenty years to dedicate my life to working with young artists. My teaching philosophy is rather simple, resting on the fundamental idea that the students in my classes should feel equally as served by the experience as I do. I teach in an effort to learn, using equal parts humor and passion to engage my students, and always with the intent to inspire confidence. 


While teaching acting, I am afforded the opportunity to improve upon my own practice and make personal discoveries through connection and observation. Teaching is not just about imparting information and asserting that as the instructor, you are the only one in the room with the answers. This is especially true in theatre, which exists only through collaboration. In my classes, I establish the importance of all voices by setting a tone of respect, acceptance, and delight in the work at hand. 


I love what I do. I am passionate each day to dig into great literature, to dissect and analyze, and reflect deeply on the human condition. I see the value in sharing in this experience with students, not only because it serves them as creative artists, but because it also serves them as citizens who have the power to effect change in their lives, their relationships, their communities and beyond. Where there is empathy, there is enlightenment. I have become a better artist through teaching, and I feel infinitely blessed to have enjoyed myself in the process and inspired so many young people, with similar aspirations, to do the same."


"Innovative, enthusiastic, dedicated are just a few words I can use to describe Diane's passion for teaching, felt by every student. A teacher who encourages optimism in the Arts, which is something very rare to find, Diane has been not only Paramount but also very influential in every aspect of the arts in my life. Teaching discipline along with artistic freedom and character, Diane has given me the opportunity to enter the Arts world as well as the real world with a set of skills useful in every avenue."

Christopher Ryland 

BA Franklin and Marshall College

MA, University of Houston

"Diane loves actors and she knows firsthand what it takes to audition, rehearse, and perform on a professional level. She creates a safe environment that encourages students to take risks and go beyond their comfort zones. Her attention to detail, warmth, vast knowledge of material, and experience make her one of the best coaches I've worked with."

Tug Rice

BFA in Acting, Carnegie Mellon University

"Diane creates an environment that is safe and inspiring for a young artist. Her knowledge and passion of the craft helped me grow within my own. I'm very thankful to have studied with her during the foundation of my training."

Courtney Cook 

BFA in Theatre, Adelphi University

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

"A trait of Diane’s is to attend to individual students’ needs/interests/passions in the moment she is working with them and to subtly but profoundly serve the student what they need - be it something they have expressed a desire for or something she in her wisdom and deep care feels is the next challenge this young mind could leap for." 

Daniel Brian Jones

BFA in Acting, NYU Tisch School for the Arts