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The Almighty Father

August 2020


"Poor, pitiful Anna Bishop was plagued by a pair of extraordinary eyes . . ."

In 1974, Anna McAllister's world is turned upside down when her mother decides to remarry. After a series of frightening, inexplicable events, she is convinced her new house must be possessed. Anna McAllister becomes Anna Bishop, struggling to adapt to her surroundings and wondering why no one else can see what she sees. Endowed with the gift and curse of foresight, Anna looks for meaning in a life continually fraught with hardships. As she fumbles into adulthood, she believes the answers to her problems lie somewhere with a man she never knew. But who is he really, the elusive Shawn McAllister, who left without warning so many years ago? A Vietnam war hero? A world-class criminal?


Her search to find The Almighty Father, her real father, sends Anna on a spiritual journey forcing her to come to terms with the past and fight for a future worth living for. All at once heartbreaking, entertaining, and hopeful, Diane Wagner's debut novel is a portrait of a woman desperate to overcome tragedy without losing faith.

Paperback, Kindle & Audibook

now available on Amazon.

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