GOODY GOODY is a comedy series in development about a band of colonial women living in a celibate community. I co-created, wrote, and produced a pilot episode in 2014, shot on-location in historic Bethlehem, PA and featuring actors, Lori Beth Denberg and Steve Blanchard. The show has already garnered quite a bit of attention, winning Project of the Day, Week, and Month on IndieWire, trending on Twitter following an independent screening, and even sparking a fan-made blog.

Science Time is an educational series that airs weekly on PBS-39. I co-wrote 16 episodes, each having to do with a science topic and framed as an interactive, friendly competition series for elementary and middle school-age viewers. The show has been well-received and is also shown in classrooms. 

THE PIRATE KING This thought-provoking play takes a look at two childhood friends, now in their late-twenties but unable to move on from an experience that changed their lives during a school production of The Pirates of Penzance. A humorous and poignant look at the issues of masculinity, identity, and friendship, the play was given a staged reading at Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles. 



"No one ever figured out what she could see, because they were so fixated on what she couldn't."


Poor, poor, pitiful Anna Bishop suffers from inferior eyesight and a fervent desire to find her biological father. Her curiosity leads her on a journey that will redefine everything she has ever known and conclude in a surprising question: are we sometimes better off not knowing? 

The Almighty Father is a full-length novel loosely inspired by true events.

The Mystification of Henry McDowd 

Following the death of their grandmother, two young children in 1950s Ireland are forced to live with their depraved uncle. Disillusioned by their circumstances, Henry and Marty find excitement in the arrival of a glistening Hollywood film crew in their little town. But this alluring distraction comes with unexpected dangers far greater than they could ever imagine. 


Inspired by the legend of the Sidhe,The Mystification of Henry McDowd, an independent film currently in-development, is a magical and cautionary tale about family, beauty, and "the other side."

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